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The stunt team of Mac Steinmeier provides services to national and international film and television productions, commercials, as well as shows and theater productions.


Mac Steinmeier founded in early 1980 with Michael Mohr, the company Stuntteam Steinmeier & Mohr and became one of the most largest stunt production company in Germany.


Since 1992 Michael Mohr performs his own stunt team in North Rhine-Westphalia / Cologne.

The stunt team of Mac Steinmeier and his company StuntMac GmbH in Bavaria is at home in the south of Munich, and has its premises at the Bavaria Film Studios in Grünwald.


Our team consists of professional stuntmen and women, stunt coordinators, stunt choreographer, action actors, stunt technicians, 2nd unit directors and facilitators for all action areas.


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